Short Courses with stays at Karlsruhe

In November and December we could offer to research stays with short courses on logging data interpretation, slip tendency interpretation for 2 young researchers of Georgia due to the financing by DAAD.

  • Monday, 22. November to 6. December 2021: Short course for TAMAR Miquava  (PhD at GTU) at KIT and from December 6 to December 10 at DMT
  • Monday, 22. November to 2. December 2021: Short course for Nino Goguadze (Post Doc TSU)

Both Ladies presented their research on December 7 at KIT.

Geology/Geomechanics Workshop at Enguri September 2021

The workshop is one of the co-operation measures within the DAMAST project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research in co-operation with  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Georgian Technical University, Tiflis State University, GHHD, EIFER (European Institute of Energy Research, Karlsruhe) and Piewak & Partner (Bayreuth, Germany). The goal of the workshop is to introduce the theoretical and practical background of methods and modern equipment used within the DAMAST project for geological and geomechanical studies.

PhD Students Tamar Mikava (geology) and Giorgi Noselidze (hydraulic engineering) from the Georgian Technical University  participated together with PhD Students Thomas Niederhuber and Frederic Pistor from KIT under supervision of KIT experts and Professor M. Kalabegishvili from GTU.

Workshop Contents
1 Theoretical and practical introduction to drill core analysis, including fracture characterization and description of natural and induced fractures, documentation
2 Introduction to core orientation by means of scanned cores and logging data
3 Field trip to borehole logging of borehole KIT-4
4 Practical introduction to application of DMT CoreScan³ for digital documentation of drill cores
5 Introduction to field measurements of rock strength with Schmidt Hammer
6 Ultrasonic-Sounding with Pundit-200 equipment for determination of seismic velocities at drill cores and uniaxial compressive strength

PhD Students Tamar Mikava and Giorgi Noselidze from GTU together with Prof. M. Kalabegishvili in front of the CoreScan equipment.