Travelogue Field Trip, November 24-29 2019

by Dr. T. Röckel and Dr. B. Müller

Landslide along road in the vicinity of the Gali reservoir could indicate activity of fault system 


Arrival Tbilisi Monday 25.11.2019 at 4 o´clock
Monday, 25.11.2019 11:30 Meeting with Sinergia Drilling Company
Monday, 25.11.2019 14:30 Meeting with representatives of KfW, Ministry of Economy, Head of Energy Polica Department, GIZ, German Embassy in Tbilisi and of TSU.
  Presentation of the DAMAST project with first results and discussion of implications for the new hydropower projects in the Caucasus.
Monday, 25.11.2019 17:30 Meeting at Engurhesi: Explanation of the situation regarding Hydroprojekt activities: Hydroprojekt used to be the main designer quasi-mining authority for hydropower and was also the planner of major canal construction projects. Their activities had also been outside the Soviet Union (Aswan, many dams in Vietnam).
Tuesday, 26.11.2019 11:00 Meeting with Tamaz Chelidze (TSU) with discussion about the exact positions of the strain meters in the tunnels on the right bank of the Enguri river downstream the Dam.
Tuesday, 26.11.2019 15:00 Meeting with Mufig Mammadli (representative of ATG-GEO/Well3 Drilling company. Detailed discussion of the drilling project. Explanation of the possibilities of the drilling company with regard to shallow and deep drilling.
Wednesday, 27.11.2019 Meeting with Nino Tsereteli and George Melikadze at TSU to discuss the installations for the seismometers in the shallow drillholes and the requirements for the surface stations.
  Transfer to Zugdidi 14-19 together with Gia Kalabegishvili.
Thursday, 28.11.2019 Trip to the Powerhouse in Abkhazia (full day)
  We were accompanied by Dr. Levan Mebonia (Director Engurhesi) and Prof. Dr. Marian Kalabegishvili (Georgian Technical University and consultant for Engurhesi). Visit of the Vardnili Cascade with Power House and the Enguri Power House
Friday 29.11.2019 Return journey from Kutaissi


Impression of the Vardnili Cascade in Abchasia