Project Partners

The project partners are from research institutions in Georgia, Armenia and Germany as well as from geotechnical bureaus.





Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Institute of Applied Geosciences

Division Technical Petrophysics



Participating Institutes and Scientists from KIT:


National Partners


EIFER European Institute for Energy Research

Dr. Roman Zorn (roman.zorn∂




Piewak & Partner - Ingenieurbüro für Hydrogeologie und Umweltschutz

Dr. Thomas Röckel (thomas.roeckel∂



International Partners



Geophysical Institute of Tbilisi State University

Dr. Nino Tsereteli, Dr. George Melikadze, George Melikadze (melikadze∂, Prof. Dr. Tamaz Chelidze, Nino Tsereteli (nino_tsereteli∂, Tamaz Chelidze (tamaz.chelidze∂



European Centre on Geodynamical Hazards of High Dams, Tbilisi

Prof. Dr. Tamaz Chelidze (Director), Tamaz Chelidze (tamaz.chelidze∂


Georgian Geophysical Association, Tbilisi





GEORISK, Yerevan (Armenia)

Dr. Hector Babayan (hektor.babayan∂