Training Activities

Seismological Training for Tako Shubladze and Nazi at the GPI
Geomechanical Training for Alexander Kamensky
Geomechanic Workshop 2022
Short Courses with stays at Karlsruhe
Geomechanic Workshop 2021
The geophysicists have sent a staff member to Tbilisi in 2021

Work Packages – Structure


Recent Activities and Results from the Different Working Groups


Stress and Pressure Compilation

Geomechanic investigation of water level induced pore pressure

and stress. >>Read more


Regional Deformation Monitoring

Monitoring of Regional deformation by PS InSAR and GPS/GNSS

campaigns.>>Read more


Seismic Monitoring

Plan of seismic station locations based on October field trip.

>>Read more


Local Structural Monitoring with GB-SAR and Low Cost Monitoring Tool

Dam monitoring with ground based SAR (shown in position of

observation point West). >>Read more


Sedimentation and Sediment Characterization

Identification of sedimentary layers and investigation of sediment

properties. >>Read more


Concept for an integrated and modular early warning system (CEDIM)

A modern early warning system for safe operation providing

sustainable energy and minimizing risks. >>Read more