Meetings & Presentations

Date Main Topics
29.04.2021 Online-Meeting Zentralasien 29.04.2021, 10.00–12.00 Uhr – Zoom. Projektbüro Zentalasien CASIB
27.04.2021 Meeting with Dean Gvishiani from GTU. Tiflis
27.04.2021 Meeting with the geologists of TSU. Tiflis
27.04.2021 Meeting with Ambassador Knirsch. Tiflis
23.04.2021 Meeting with Director Chania and Director Mebonia from Engurhesi and with ten representatives from Energony to discuss dam rehabilitation and first results of power tunnel analysis
22.03.2021 Inspection of powerhouse and meeting with Director Mebonia
20.03.2021 Meeting with R. Christakis and other representatives from Tractebel at Khokko landslide area
17.03.2021 Video meeting with representatives of Energony
13.03.2021 Meeting with Bernd Aberle from Energony to discuss visit of the power tunnel

Meeting with Director Chania in his office, getting permissions to work all around the area

24.02.2021 Sediment investigation and status of sediment flushing
23.02.2021 Meeting with Director Mebonia
10.02.2021 Installation of Temperature Sensors, Piezometers, Geodetic measurements of well heights
03.02.2021 Status of Power Tunnel Rehabilitation Works


26. November 2020
Presentation at AGIS (Arbeitsgruppe Induzierte Seismizität der FKPE) Meeting entitled: Forschung zur induzierten Seisimizität am Enguri-Staudamm.
22. October 2020
Thomas Röckel, Birgit Müller: Project Presentation for German Ambassador Hubert Knirsch, Tiflis


October 2019 - January 2020

8-10 October 2019, NATO Advanced Research Workshop G5566, Tbilisi (Georgia)
B. Müller(1), T. Niederhuber(1) Poroelastic contributions to induced seismicity- underground pressure management


Kick-Off Meeting LETO, 15 October 2019
B. Müller(1), F. Schilling(1) DAMAST - Motivation, Project Goals, Structure and Management
T. Chelidze(11,13) Overview on previous and current Monitoring at Enguri
A. Rietbrock(14), E. Gaucher(1) Seismic Monitoring
S. Hinz(4), R. Zorn(6) Local Dam deformation Monitoring
M. Westerhaus(5) Regional deformation Monitoring
F. Nestmann(8), A. Kron(9) Sedimentation of large Reservoirs
S. Hilgert(9) Sediment load monitoring and characterization
B. Müller(1), T. Röckel(3) Drilling and Pore pressure survey
B. Müller(1) Assessment of fault reactivation
S. Ottenburger(7) Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction Technology


National Kick-Off Meeting, 14 January 2020
M. Pilz(2) Kurzvorstellung Hintergründe und Ziele für MI-DAM
M. Pilz(2) Ergebnisse von MIDAM
F. Schilling(1) Kurzvorstellung  Hintergründe und Ziele für DAMAST
B. Müller(1), T. Röckel(3) Spannungen, Porendrücke und Fault Reaktivierung: Ansätze und Monitoring
S. Hinz(4), H. Kutterer(5), R. Zorn(6) Deformations-Monitoring bei DAMAST
E. Gaucher(1) Seismic Monitoring at Enguri
M. Kunz(7) Risikobewertung und Risikoreduktion
F. Nestmann(8), A. Kron(9) Sedimentation großer Reservoire & warum der Enguri ein typischer Vertreter ist
S. Hilgert(9) Monitoring und Charakterisierung der Sedimentauflast


DAMAST Project Meeting KIT, 27-29 January 2020
M. Kalabegishvili(10,11), L. Mebonia(10) Presentation of Flushing Plans in 2020 close to bottom outlets
M. Kalabegishvili(10,11), L. Mebonia(10) Ongoing geodetic measurements at the Enguri dam
S. Hilgert(9) Demonstration of First Results
A. Schenk(4), M. Westerhaus(5) Repeated geodetic surveys of a small dam in the Black Forest
A. Schenk(4), M. Westerhaus(5) The planned geodetic/remote sensing concept of DAMAST
A. Schenk(4), M. Westerhaus(5) How can we combine the existing and the new monitoring data/approaches within the DAMAST project?













AGIS Meeting 2019


B. Müller(1), T. Röckel(3)


DAMAST-Dams and Seismicity - Technologies for risk reduction




Client II Meeting 2019


B. Müller(1), F. Schilling(1)


DAMAST Technologien für den sicheren und effizienten Betrieb von Wasserreservoiren





1 KIT Inst. Appl. Geosciences
2 GFZ Potsdam
3 Piewak & Partner
4 KIT Inst. Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
5 KIT Geodetic Institute
8 KIT Inst. Water Management
9 KIT Inst. Water & River Basin Management
10 Engurhesi Ltd.
11 TSU
12 TSU Geophysical Institute
14 KIT Geophysical Institute