DAMAST-Conference: Monitoring for Hydropower Lifetime

On 4 and 5 April 2022, the final conference "DAMAST-Conference: Monitoring for Hydropower Lifetime" took place in Luisentahl.


Monday, April 4

13:00 Meeting with Engineer Aberle at Dam Site
Guided Tour
17:30 Arrival at Hotel Berghof
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Presentation on Dam rehabilitation by B. Aberle
Discussion with Wines, Beer

Tuesday, April 5
DAMAST-Transfer Conference: Monitoring for Hydropower Lifetime

08:45 Welcome (F. Schilling)
08:50 Ambassador Georgian Embassy
09:00 Dr. Kettemann (BMBF, Head of Delegation)
09:10 Dr. Fretzdorff (PTJ, science officer)
09:15 GTU
09:20 TSU
09:25 Levan Mebonia (Engurhesi)
09:30 Information about DAAD-SDG (A. Schenk – Intro/N. Tsereteli – experience (in Georgian)
09:40 General Introduction
10:00 Coffee-Break with Poster Session I

Central Topics-Session 1
Chair H. Kutterer, N. Okribalshvili

10:30 Integrated Geodetic Monitoring of Regional Deformation
M. Westerhaus / J. Weisgerber
10:55 Remote Sensing of Structure Deformation
A. Schenk / M. Rebmeister
11:20 Heavy rain and risk forecast
S. S. Ottenburger, S. Mohr
11:45 General Discussion
12:05 Swan Risk Project (Invited)
C. Butscher
12:25 Lunch

Central Topics-Session 2
Chair H. Kutterer, N. Okribalshvi

13:30 N. Karamzadeh (or E. Gaucher)
13:55 Geomechanics
B. Müller / T. Niederhuber
14:20 Sedimentation
S. Hilgert
14:45 Hydraulic-morphodynamic Modelling
A. Kron
15:10 General Discussion
15:30 Coffe Break  & Poster Session II
16:15 Overall Discussion and Outlook
Chair F. Schilling, H. Kutterer
17:00 Dr. Kettemann


Event location in Luisenthal

Ohratal Reservoir

Guided tour and visit to the technical rooms under the reservoir