Field Trips 2022

Field Trip March

Thursday, March 24
Today we of course worked on the drill cores, but we also got a tour through the dam and found out where already in early times seismic measurements to study the velocities in the foundation have been made. Changes in seismic velocities have been used to address whether cracks have been formed with time. Core analysis went quite well, we are now at core box 57. ... and each box contains 4 m of drill cores in more or less long pieces.

Wednesday, March 23
The weather is quite nice today, however we work indoors because of the temperatures.

Tuesday, March 22
We work on the new cores and prepare together with George Melikadze a proposal for the Shota Rustaveli Foundation.

Monday, March 21
Starting with core analysis we could finish boxes 47 and 48. In the late morning we met Director Joni Chania from Engurhesi and discussed with him future access to shallow boreholes for video and televiewer loggings, the situation of the sediments in the Jvari reservoir. We are happy that DAMAST-Transfer will prolongate our activities here.

Sunday, March 20
We had been analysing 4 core boxes until the evening and prepared box 47 for the analysis. Besides core analysis we started to contribute to a new proposal of our Georgian colleagues George, Shota and Nino.

Saturday, March 19
With 0–3 degrees outside temperature we decided to build up our rock lab indoors. The hotel owners kindly provided a room in the basement and we could also get a small heater with after some time produced slightly higher temperatures. We picked up 7 core boxes (42–48) and started the core analysis. The colleagues from Enguri dam informed us that the station with the GB-SAR requires more shelter against rain. We found our blue plane from earlier logging activities and we will install that on Monday.

Friday, March 18
In the night the team started to reach the morning flight from Memmingen to Kutaissi.
At Kutaissi we have been picked up by Zaza, Misha and Rustam and then went to Zugdidi, where we had the first short meeting with Levan Mebonia. Afterwards we went to Enguri Dam where it had been snowing the days before.